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Price £60.00 (Upto 3 Electrical Appliances)
£3.00 per appliance after

As a Landlord You should ensure the electrical appliances includes with you rental property are safe - The only way to ensure this is to get them tested

Electricity is dangerous, According to RoSPA, 3,000 people were hospitalised
in just one year due to electrical current accidents and in 1995 electricity killed
66 people, injured 23,756 and caused 7,500 fires.

Are the appliances and electrical equipment YOU supply your tenants safe?
(i.e. Refrigerators, washing machines, kettles etc)

The only way to ensure that they are safe is to have a Portable Appliance Test (PAT)
carried out.

If they are not safe and one of your tenants were to be injured as a result you could
risk a large fine and/or imprisonment!

''Any defence, should a claim be made against you, is likely to fail under Due Diligence
if there was a reasonable step that could have been taken but was not''

Homesafe can carry out the following PAT test:

* 7 Point visual and electrical test of up to four electrical appliances, which includes:
Functional test
Fuse rating check
Earth bond test
Substitute leakage test
Insulation Test
Touch leakage test
* Visual Inspection of appliance casing and power cord
* Computer Generated Report
* Appliance certification
* Test PASS/FAIL parameters digitally stored to comply with regulations

Many landlords are not aware that they should have their appliances checked
Read what THE LAW states:

CONSUMER PROTECTION The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
Regulation 5(1) Electrical equipment shall be

(a) Safe

(b) constructed in accordance with principles generally accepted within the member
States as constituting good engineering practice in relation to safety matters and in
particular shall be designed and constructed to ensure that it is safe when connected
to the electricity supply system, by providing a level of protection against electric shock
which relies on a combination of insulation and the protective earthing conductor
contained within the electricity supply system, or which achieves that level of protection
by other means;


(c) in conformity with the principal elements of the safety objectives for electrical
equipment set out in Schedule 3 to these Regulations.

Regulation 14(1)
No person shall supply any electrical equipment in respect of which the requirements
of Regulations 5(1) and 9(1) are not satisfied.

Regulation 17(1)
Where a contravention of regulation 14 arises from the supply of electrical equipment
which fails to satisfy the requirements of regulations 5(1) or of goods which would cause
the relevant equipment to contravene those requirements because there is in each case
a risk of death or injury to domestic animals or damage to property, or both, but no risk
of death of a person or of personal injury, the person who contravenes regulation 14
shall be guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction with imprisonment for
not more than three months or with a fine not exceeding level five on the standard scale.

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